Land of Plenty specializes in handcrafted gardens that complement and build upon the existing landscape. We provide a wide range of services and offer several specialties. In addition to the following direct services, we specialize in teaching. We work with aspiring gardeners to build competent, skilled stewards of the land.


Garden design using:

    • Edible perennials (fruits, roots and shoots)
    • Small urban spaces
    • Xeriscaping
    • Recovered and onsite materials
    • Native and wildlife beneficial plants

253Installation services include:

  • Hand planting of trees and shrubs
  • Rain gardens
  • Drip irrigation design and installation
  • Rock gardening
  • Permeable pathway installation using new or reclaimed materials (brick, flagstone and more)
  • Landscape carpentry – arbors, pergolas, custom garden beds and fencing using naturally rot resistant lumber
  • Sheet mulching for naturally weed-resistant and low maintenance perennial gardens

Year-round maintenance services include:


      • Expert seasonal pruning including ornamental and fruit trees, sheer-cut hedges, flowering shrubs and more
      • Mulching, edging and weeding
      • Solutions for disease and pest prevention
      • Non-chemical strategies for invasive plant management

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